About Us

Experience in the agricultural industry since 1954

Nestled in the heart of Monasterevin, Co Kildare since 1954, J. H. Fitzpatrick Ltd is a family owned business offering an extensive range of agricultural machinery. We pride ourselves in our agriculture knowledge and long-lasting customer relationships. Our mission is to ensure we offer excellent advice, service and quality across our sales, parts and service business.

We are a proud partner of the renowned agricultural machinery and tractors powerhouse, Case IH, for a span of over 45 years. But that’s not where the partnerships end; as we have an expanded range of stock from esteemed names like Manitou, Amazone, Bomford, McHale, Tulip, Husqvarna and many more.

Our Story


1954 – The seeds of this enterprise were sown by Joe Fitzpatrick, who trained as a garage mechanic in nearby Athy, and culminated in the acquisition of a small repair workshop, two petrol pumps, and a modest shop on the very site in 1954. Its inception was marked by the repair of motor cars, tractors, small trucks, and the sale of petrol.


In the 1960s, almost every other sector in Ireland except farming was doing well. Despite this Joe had a vision for his future and his wife Mary, joined him in the business. Together they worked, paving the way for the years ahead. From repairing automobiles to tractor sales, a deep affinity with agriculture has been at the heart of J. H Fitzpatrick’s for since 1954. With Joe himself retaining an unswerving commitment and keen interest in both the business and farming. In 1962 J.H. Fitzpatrick’s began working with Krone, Amazon and Quickie loaders in order to offer customers a range of agricultural machinery.


Ireland membership of the EU began in 1972 with 83% of people voting “yes”. This was a time of farm modernisation and in 1975 Joe took a leap forward and started the long-term partnership with Case by becoming a dealer of international harvester. This proved a huge success as the business continued to grow.


Throughout the 80’s the next generation gradually integrated into the business. In the mid 80’s the natural transition happened when Joe’s son Donal took more of a lead. Although Ireland was facing a decade of recession and uncertainty, Donal remained dedicated to driving the business forward.


J.H. Fitzpatrick started their longstanding partnership with McHale with the aim to offer a range of specialist farm machinery focusing on balers and bale wrappers to customers.
1999 – A huge renovation was undertaken, building a new and expanded parts department and workshop.


Another successful partnership began when Manitou came on board. Donal’s wife Teresa also joined the family business. J.H. Fitzpatrick’s were proud to celebrate a jubilant 50 years in 2004 and as the business continued to flourish a second renovation building was complete adding an administrative block.


The pace of farm machinery development since the 90’s and 00’s has been phenomenal and as the business evolved, Donal continued to invest time and energy to develop the skills that’s required to lead growth. With a focus on training and modernisation the JH Fitzpatrick’s team have a wealth of knowledge to ensure they offer exceptional service, advice and support to customers. As an industry expert Donal served as the Associate President of the FTMTA in 2015 and 2016.


As both Covid-19 and Brexit represented significant economic shocks to the Irish economy, JH Fitzpatrick’s faced many challenges from managing supply-chain disruptions, to safeguarding the well-being of their employees and meeting customer needs. With their ability to perceive change, manage it and adapt, the business continues to thrive and is looking ahead with great excitement for their 70 Years celebration in 2024.

(L-R) Joe Joe Fitzpatrick (Sales), Mrs. Fitzpatrick & Joe Fitzpatrick (Founders), Donal Fitzpatrick (Managing Director), Teresa Fitzpatrick (Managing Director)